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Dr. Rahul Pathak – Founder of NSS

As the founder of Navrang Center for inclusion, it gives me immense pleasure to offer special services to the families and work hard to meet the needs of the children. Our prime focus is to provide all required services and facilities to the children with special needs. We strive to provide nurturing and enabling environment with professional consistency to each and every child.

We take extra care to support each child to overcome difficulties and meet their challenges by recognizing their strengths. Our well trained staff commits itself in providing all the necessary assistance to each and every child with professional consistency.

We look forward to getting support from all the responsible citizen, goverment, corprates, donors and parents to make this world a better place for children with special needs.

NSS Story

Navrang is a Centre of service to the children with special needs. It has been established for serving children with special needs under the aegis of navrang rahab Society .

Navrang is fully equipped with the school session , providing special education , therapies , multiple skill training to all kind of children with behaviour problems & multiple disability like autism , MR(ID) , cerebral palsy , ADHD , slow learners , Down syndrome , hearing and impairment etc. our motto is “ being together for growing together” without any distraction of religion , caste and colour.

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